Reason to Run…

It appears that training for a marathon takes up a lot of your time! Who’d have thought it! I haven’t managed to squeeze in a blog post for a good few weeks now but I have lots to reflect on so here I am, sharing some of my musings. I’m actually supposed to be out doing 10 miles this morning but it’s hot today and running in the sun is hard work so I’m doing it after work tomorrow instead when it will be a lot cooler. I’m praying that it’s not too warm on the day of the marathon but what will be will be. Speaking of which…

TWO WEEKS TODAY!!!! I feel anxious and excited in equal measures! Anxious because it’s 26.2 miles and excited because I’ve put in the hard work and want to get over that finish line!! Despite the set back from the chest infection, I managed to get back on track with my training plan. Last week I ran the furthest I’ve ever ran; 20 miles! That was one long ass run let me tell you. 4 and 1/2 hours in total so not only long but also slow! That said, I’m not running for speed so time is genuinely irrelevant. It wasn’t an easy run by any means though. I wanted to stop around 15 times. I questioned my mental health around 64 times but I quit a total of ZERO times. I have honestly amazed myself at my commitment to this. I have an amazing ‘reason to run’ and that undoubtedly keeps me going. I also feel like a different person to when I started this journey. It’s showing too. I’ve had a number of people comment on how much happier and more confident I seem. I feel it too!


The support I’ve received has been genuinely overwhelming. I have Rog from Footmark on speed dial to ask running related questions to and Rachel (Dietician) on hand to give advice about my diet so I’m fuelling these runs appropriately. My family and friends have been so so supportive too! Donations have come in the hundreds and I’ve smashed my £2000 target for Bloodwise. I have my own posse coming to London to cheer me on and my Back Row Girls got me the most thoughtful present to thread into my laces on Marathon day (photo below). We’re aptly named the Back Row Girls because since we started running, we’ve stuck together…at the back 💜


Back Row Girls at Sheffield Half Marathon 2014

These last few months have been a game changer for me and training for London Marathon is without a doubt one of the best things I have done. I have a purpose and I’m fighting back at those days where losing weight was my only goal. I still want to trim down and continue to work on my relationship with food but weight loss is no longer my sole purpose for exercising. What a difference it makes too! Finding something to focus on and work towards rather than letting weight goals define you is the way forward. It takes time, effort and practice but I feel like I’m finally making progress on that front. Can I get a HALLELUJAH?! Was about bloody time hey?!



One thought on “Reason to Run…

  1. Sal you’re in a really good place matey – you truly are an awesome bird – get it done girl – and I look forward to running at the back with you again soon xx

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