Make yourself PROUD!

I’m typing this from the comfort of my bed and I couldn’t be happier to have a day off! Okay, so we’ve just had the weekend and I’m current only working a four day week with being at uni but still…a day at the spa is on the cards! I got a free day pass so I’ll be spending the day relaxing with my bestie and enjoying a sports massage. The legs definitely need it!

Not so long ago, I used to spend a lot of time on my arse. A big reason for me entering to run London Marathon was because I wanted to break the habit of coming in from work, watching crap TV all night and eating whatever took my fancy. For the record, salads never took my fancy. The training has definitely cracked that habit and nights spent vegetated on the sofa are long gone. Surprisingly though, I’m loving it! With under 7 weeks to go until London, I can’t tell you how impressed I am with my commitment to training. I panicked due to being out of action with a chest infection for three weeks but I’ve bounced back and I’m racking those miles up! Better yet I’m enjoying it more than I ever thought possible.


There were more than a handful of people who were understandably worried about the mammoth challenge I had set myself. I don’t blame them either; even I worried that I had bit off more than I could chew. I was always at the back of the group at Footmark, I wasn’t consistent with training and I’d never really given it my all. For whatever reason, a lot of that has changed. I say ‘a lot’ because I’m still at the back only this time I’m not missing any runs and I’m pushing myself in a way that I never thought I would. I never doubt that I’ll do whatever miles Rog sets me that week. That’s not to say that I don’t feel anxious or apprehensive about it but I keep telling myself I’ll do it and I get out there and give it my all.


It soon became apparent that if I didn’t address my diet, those long runs would be a lot harder than they needed to be. I got a nutrition plan from Rachel Hobbs ( and although I still have some changes to make, I’m really enjoying eating to fuel my runs rather than letting my mood dictate my eating habits. The benefits of eating better and training harder are starting to show too. Physically I feel a lot stronger and I’m so much more happy in myself. And why wouldn’t I be?! I’m finally doing myself proud. Rog said on one of our runs in January that he thought 2017 would be my year and I think he was right.


The best part of all of these changes isn’t the weight loss, although don’t get me wrong, I love that the numbers are consistently going down on the scales. It’s the fact that I feel genuinely content. I’m not eating to lose weight and I’m not running to drop inches. Yes, they are coming with it but I have a purpose in a way that I haven’t had before. I’m training because I want to make myself proud and achieve something only 1% of the population will! Setting a goal that isn’t focused solely on weight is definitely the best decision I have made. The pressure to reach a weight goal is off. Unfortunately the pressure to reach 26.2 miles is ON!!!!

2 thoughts on “Make yourself PROUD!

  1. “The desire to change must be stronger than the desire to stay the same”… hum… food for thought…

    Could that be MY problem?

    I did manage to loose 3 kilos in the last 2 months though, but… I’m afraid I need an extra push to go on.



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