Cream eggs do not count as protein!

Week two of London marathon training in the bag. Only a mere THIRTEEN weeks to go. I’m already having to think back to why it is I entered to do a marathon in the first place!! At the time, I wanted something positive to focus on as evenings and weekends were slipping by and all I had to show for my time was an increasing waist and an impressive knowledge of the Kardashians. Kim, how I miss you. I’ll never moan about doing nothing again!


Anyway, this morning I completed a very slow and cold 8 mile run. On the first mile, I dropped my phone, broke my headphones and my hair fell out of my bobble at least 3 times. Just when I wondered why I wasn’t still snuggled up in bed, another runner, who went past me in the opposite direction, gave me the biggest smile. The type where there are lots of teeth on show and crinkles around the eyes. It saw me through the remaining 7! They weren’t easy miles by any means but his genuine smile was a lovely push. He must have saw the frustration on my face!


I think it’s fair to say, despite only being two weeks in, I grossly underestimated just how much time, energy and effort Marathon training requires. I give up at so much when it comes to health and fitness though that I’m determined to see this through. Not least because I’ve started raising money for Bloodwise and have announced to the world I’m doing it. Not that announcing things to the world has always acted as a guarantee for success in the past (please refer to post one of my blog). I’m sticking to the training plan but I now have to get on top of my diet. When Rog said ‘you definitely won’t gain weight if you follow the training plan’, it wasn’t a challenge. I think I’m 4lbs up since starting for f*%k sake. I keep eating for a family of 4 and telling myself it’s because of the extra miles I’m doing. Thing is though, this excuse doesn’t really wash on rest days!


I had 3 eggs yesterday. Of the Cadbury’s cream variety. Those kind of eggs don’t fuel a run and so if I’m going to get through these next 13 weeks, I need to have a serious word with myself. More water, better meal planning and NO EXCUSES! It’s not even about weight loss at this time; it’s about getting through the long runs in one piece. I’m still feeling determined and have genuinely appreciated all of the support, be it from people offering to run with me or sponsoring me on my JustGiving page.

Week 3; come at me baby!

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