Challenge Accepted!

Hands up if you’re in a food coma and have over indulged over the festive period?! 🙋🏼 Hands up if your jeans don’t fit and you’re subsequently resorting to wearing either leggings or joggers?! 🙋🏼 Hands up if your body is now craving fruit and veg but you’re continuing to feed it chocolate because…well no diet starts until Monday, right?! 🙋🏼


Around this time of year, many of us start to think about changes we want to make in the New Year ahead. My resolutions list usually involves eating less rubbish, drinking more water and getting more sleep, amongst other things. As we all know how those resolutions will work out (they lack imagination anyway), I started thinking about my goals a little earlier than usual. When I was in Dubai in October, I spoke to Charley on the plane home about wanting something positive to occupy my time. Not a goal focussed on weight but something more meaningful. The night I landed, I came home to something on my door mat that gave me that goal I had been seeking…


Talk about be careful what you wish for!! For those who aren’t familiar with this magazine; it’s my entry to the 2017 London Marathon! F%*k. Balls. I didn’t tell anyone that I had entered because I genuinely didn’t think that I’d get a place. I think at the time of entering, I was probably caught up in all the post marathon hype flying around social media (Huby you have a lot to answer for) and entered without putting too much thought to it. I nearly passed out when I opened the envelope but then I did say I wanted a challenge!

I kept it quiet for a while because I was aware of how many people who had entered, desperately wanting a place and here I was, toying with the idea of even doing it. I am also acutely aware of the fact that I’m not exactly a natural long distance runner!!! Okay so I currently feel out of breath making my way up the stairs but I have recently found my motivation. As many of you are aware, my beautiful sister in law passed away earlier this month. As we are all coming to terms with this loss, this challenge has never been more meaningful than it is now. I have an amazing opportunity to raise awareness of Bloodwise, a charity extremely close to our hearts and a real purpose to get my fat ass off the couch and out pounding the streets. I don’t care if I jog, walk or even crawl to that finish line, I’m doing it and I’ll have a very special lady in my heart the whole 26.2 miles…

Johannah Deakin ❤️ 25/03/1973 – 07/12/2016 ❤️

6 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!

  1. Hi Sally,Your doing a wonderful thing and Johannah would be so very proud of you. She’ll be with you all the way & the family ❤.
    Today I thought,rite nice healthy salad for lunch with a glass of water but then I had a cup of tea with a biscuit (slapped my hand) the will power is needed and today’s not one of those days. Am back to work on Monday,so less temptation to snack on stuff. Looking forward to following your journey x

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  2. Sally – I enjoy your blog so much. You always touch on things that we all can relate to. Raising awareness to this charity is a wonderful thing. You have a special angel that will be with you on his journey. Love to you and the rest of your family.


  3. Image result for hands up

    Definitely same problem here !! Diet starting on January 3rd !

    In the meantime… I AM contemplating going to the store real quick to buy new jeans… 😉

    Good luck


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