And we’re off!!

A week in on the Results with Lucy plan and I’ve surprised myself with how well I’ve kicked it off! The plan starts as soon as you log on, which threw me a bit because I hadn’t done my ‘big shop’ and so felt a bit unprepared and out of sync. I needed to log on to print off the plans but it didn’t stop me from starting as soon as I could and getting the ball rolling. Yes, I am blowing my own trumpet here. Starting a ‘diet’ (I don’t actually see it as that) on a Thursday deserves a pat on the back! The meals are all easy enough to make and don’t take too much prep time, which is a big plus for me because if in in a rush, I’m more likely to think ‘sack it’ and pick something (unhealthy) up for lunch. No one goes to the bakery and walks out without an egg custard surely?!


I have been reminded that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to make something healthy and tasty. My body was desperately craving some fresh food and this plan is giving it just that! Portion sizes occasionally feel a bit on the small size but I’m not sure if that’s because I’m used to eating for two (me and my alter ego, Big Bess) or whether they’re genuinely just small. That said, I’ve just used my head and cooked a bit more when I’ve felt I need it, usually after exercise. It has only taken a few days to feel the benefits too. My skin feels clearer and I have so much more energy.


I feel like things are different. I don’t know what makes things different or why but I think I’m just ready to make the changes. I’m aware that I’ve said that a few times since starting this blog but I’m just keen to make the most of how I’m feeling. I did just that on Tuesday night when body blast was cancelled. I turned up to find Rog was stuck in a huge traffic jam. My usual response would have been to celebrate with a little jig and then head to the nearest takeaway and camp out in front of the TV. Instead, I joined the girls and did a lap of the lake but then went and did some pretty tough hill sprints whilst the speedy ladies did another lap. It felt good!


So it’s all off to a flying start! I’m sure there will be days that my motivation is flat but I’ve learnt to expect that. I have done as advised and taken measurements and progress photos. I’ll post them at the half way mark but I am still able to see how far I have come since I started this journey last October. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to ditch the scales completely but I know they don’t tell you everything and so I’m focusing on feeling fitter, stronger and healthier. Okay okay, I admit it. That number best come down too. On the scales and the label in my god damn pants! Until next time…


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