Just call me Sally Bonafonté!

What a week! To provide you with a backdrop let me begin by sharing that I started back at a meditation group 2 or 3 weeks ago. I felt as though I needed a bit of balance and a space to relax and reflect. Last week, there were some discussions about ‘signs’. No need to think of that on a spiritual level, although I’m a big believer in the law of attraction and the concept of ‘like attracts like’. So with this in mind, let me also update you on the last few days…


On Sunday night I went round to my friends house to watch her wedding video. You may remember me blogging a few months ago about having to fit into a bridesmaid dress; well this was that wedding. My friend looked stunning on the day and her photos reflected what a fab day it was and how amazing she looked. I however, simply didn’t recognise myself in the photos. I knew it was me of course; she only had two bridesmaids but I really didn’t recognise the person in the photos as myself. After going on about how different I felt, we analysed what looked different and God bless her, my friend wondered if maybe I’d had some type of cheek fillers (I have been known to have other stuff done like Botox so it wasn’t a ridiculous suggestion). But no. The conclusion I had to come to was the fact that the big moon face starting back at me was indeed my own. My cheeks were not filled with fillers, more like pizza. It has taken me this long to put my finger on who I looked like. For those familiar with the bend and snap scene in Legally Blonde, let me introduce you to Paulette Bonafonté…


After watching the video, I went upstairs and had a cry in the bathroom. It perhaps sounds dramatic but I just felt crap and I think more so because these were one of my best friends wedding photos, as opposed to photos from some random night out. I hated the thought that I actually looked like the person in the video but fortunately, I was able to pull myself together and I went back downstairs and continued with my earlier suggestion of ordering a Chinese. Naturally. After talking it through, I was helped to see it for what it was; photographs. I’ve taken many before and plenty after and this was clearly just not my day! I’ve mentioned before how incredibly vain and self obsessed all of this must sound and I’ll reiterate now what I did then. F**k off!


So back to the ‘signs’. Well after the trauma of seeing my puffy, overweight face on the photos on Sunday evening, Monday morning I received an email to say that I had been chosen to blog about one of Lucy Mecklenburgh’s plans. For those who haven’t heard of Lucy, she is an ex TOWIE star and has created a name for herself in the online training and nutrition world. My friend Nic saw the opportunity and thought of me, as she always does with anything like that. So in the next couple of days I’ll be starting the 12 week plan and blogging about how it goes. I’m really pleased to have been picked but I’m not daft and know that it will only ‘work’ if I give it the commitment it needs. Fortunately, it fits hand in hand with what I’m already doing with Rog and Footmark so it will really be a case of getting my diet right, which has always been my biggest downfall. So keep your eyes peeled for blog posts as I share my progress with the plan. Here’s hoping (as always)! Rog, stop yawning 😉

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