It’s been a long time since I last did a post for my blog but that has been a conscious decision in many ways. A few weeks ago, around the time of my last post actually, I was set the challenge of not talking about food for a whole week. It sounds pretty easy right?! Well for someone who talked about food at least twice every minute, it was a harder challenge than I initially thought! More so because I found myself going to say something food-related but then having to stop and remind myself of the challenge. It really did serve as a huge reminder as to how much food talk consumes my thoughts and my subsequent conversations. So I continued the challenge the following week, and then the week after that. Before I knew it, a month had passed and here we are. I’m not saying that I never spoke about food in that time and it’s impossible to escape it completely but I certainly refrained from sharing if I ate a pizza or initiating conversations about fish and chip Friday’s etc.


So why was I set the challenge? Well I told my good friend Karen at Breakfree that I was having difficulty moving forward with my goals and needed a bit of help. What I learnt through our conversation was that constantly talking about the things we want to change doesn’t always help to improve them. In fact, giving our ‘problems’ so much air time can actually keep the problem going more than we think. Or so I learnt anyway. When I read through my earlier blog posts, I’ve mentioned food in almost all of them! So it was perhaps no surprise that I eventually found myself a bit ‘stuck in a rut’ with my weight loss goal. Interestingly, at the times I was losing weight & doing well, I rarely spoke about food and what I’d consumed that week, good or bad!


I remember someone telling me that they found my posts about my chocolate and cookie binges far more amusing than my posts about how well I was doing. It isn’t rocket science though, is it? We all seem to revel in talking to others about our problems and finding that common ground. It’s great when we learn that we’re not alone in our struggles and finding someone who we can relate to can often feel like a blessing. But where do we decide to draw the line? Can it be that we just perpetuate a problem by continuing to talk about it? I’ve really enjoyed writing posts for my blog but the food related ones perhaps became more beneficial for others than they did for me. I’ve loved hearing feedback about how my stories have helped others to know they’re not alone but it’s time for the food chat to f-off! I’ve done so well with my exercise and diet since I curbed the carb chat that I’m not risking sharing a cake related conversation just to make others laugh!


So the blog will live on to fight another day but anything I post will now be for me and my benefit, first and foremost. I’m sticking with the challenge and figuring out what else there is about me that doesn’t involve talking about food! It feels like I’ve made room for other things in my mind too and so because I always love to help others, I challenge you to do the same. Find what it is that consumes your brain, send it on a vacation and let the good times roll! Xx

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