Food Baby!

On Monday night my best friend Laura called round after work for a catch up. Just before leaving, she asked to have a browse of my wardrobe. Laura is 7 months pregnant. Let that sink in for a minute. Best friend, 7 months pregnant, wanting to borrow my clothes. For anyone reading this post who doesn’t know me, I have never had children and I don’t own maternity clothes. It just so happens that when I piled on the weight, I bought clothes that happened to fit a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman in her third trimester. Now what I should point out here is that we were able to laugh about this. And thank god because I don’t think hitting a pregnant woman is acceptable. Laura has always had an amazing figure and being pregnant hasn’t changed that. I’m just happy to finally be able to share my wardrobe with someone! And so what if she had to get pregnant to be able to fit into my clothes right?! What really made us laugh is that she, like many of my friends who are also pregnant, was complaining about how much weight she had gained. The funny bit was that she still hasn’t caught up with me and my food baby. That was an awkward conversation!!!


Laura and I also happen to have the same size belly at the minute because since taking an Imodium tablet on Friday morning, I haven’t managed to go to the loo. Sorry for the over share but you need to know what’s happening for me right now. Over the weekend alone I had two English breakfasts and two lots of three course meals at my friend’s wedding. That and a whole lot more is still in there. My mum asked how I could continue eating in light of how physically full I already was but a portion of meat and potato pie at her house cleared up any misunderstanding about my appetite. I FEEL HUGE though. I’m actually confident that if I went into Mothercare and browsed their newborn range, I wouldn’t look out of place. Fortunately, my bump is likely to go. My only worry is that it will take an equally strenuous push as what Laura will experience come July. Oh Lordy!imageAlthough I’m currently feeling very uncomfortable, being bloated and heavy is serving as a very sharp reminder of where I was in October before I started my one on one sessions with Rog. I really don’t want to be back there and although the thought of a few ‘cheat meals’ here and there appeals on some levels, that feeling of not being able to breathe in jeans just isn’t worth whatever meals I had planned now that my bridesmaid duties are over. My back has ached and my ribs have felt sore from where my trousers have been digging in. Really does sound like a pregnancy I know! This still isn’t an easy journey and I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately at how much of a ‘stop/ start’ process this has been. I fully accept that’s through no fault of my own but I have to remind myself that the battle with food and weight loss is one that will take more than a few months to conquer. I’ve struggled with it for years and habits that are ingrained take a while to sort out so I’m just trying not to be too hard on myself. So it’s back to it as soon as my baby is born! Time to set a new challenge and work towards a new goal…

6 thoughts on “Food Baby!

  1. Hi Sally,I feel your pain in many a sense with the bloating feeling. Going back 3yrs now,I didn’t need to take my pill anymore as I was diagnosed with cervical cancer & as my recovery went on I started to notice extra weight on my tummy & thighs (which I hate). Long story short,I get bloated at times,trapped wind & suffering with stomach acid. I changed to gluten free bread & take Almond milk now. I look like a pregnant pig at times lol but the uncomfortable feeling of being bloated is the worse. My problem is when am bored I eat (wire my mouth shut maybe) lol. And may I just say you look amazing 😊 X

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    1. I seem to eat when experiencing emotion; happiness, sadness, boredom etc! It’s certainly a challenge to turn around habits I have formed but I am determined to do it and know you can too! Xx


  2. I am trying to loose a “little weight” too & understand your struggle. Isn’t it so frustrating how much work and efforts and frustrations it takes to loose a few kilos, just to put them back on in the time of a few meals – with no effort at all… Loosing the weight is not the battle, I have found, keeping it off is. I am hoping that, some day, I will learn to go easy on the carbs even when it’s party time or when I’m feeling highly stressed…
    Good luck with everything.
    (Have you tried to take herbal supplements, for that problem of yours? I found Herbesan Transiphyt to work really well for me, once in a while).

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    1. It’s definitely a struggle and I agree with what you said about it being hard to keep it off too! I’m sure we will get there. I’m no different to anyone else who has lost weight or kept it off…just have to stick to it and stop with the excuses! I have some herbal tea I’m trying tonight as it is said to be a natural laxative ha ha. Wish me luck xx


  3. Hiya I did message you on IG dally but I will post here too… I haven’t read your latest posts as I have been too busy with revision however I will get around to it, I’m thinking of starting a blog in the summer but have no idea of where to start can you maybe help me?

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