Finding Balance…

Doesn’t time fly?! I have been wanting to write a post for my blog for a while now but things have been pretty manic of late. I’m realising more and more that I’m a bit of an ‘all or nothing’ girl and so when I started this weight loss journey I threw myself into it 110%. This meant cutting back on socialising; not because I had to but because I wanted to prioritise exercise, food prepping & resting my aching limbs on the days I wasn’t running or going to body blast. At least that’s what I told myself but I think the reality of it was that I knew too well that socialising, for me at least, often equated to ordering cheesy chips and nachos. I’ve been seeing my friends a bit more of late & have found it difficult to stay on track to be honest. There have been a few slips on the food front and so of course I blamed being out of a strict routine. Finding a balance is really important to me though because I want to be able to socialise without falling off the wagon but who goes to the cinema and doesn’t have a pick and mix and/ or a scoop of ice cream?! Well anyone serious about losing weight apparently.


I’m learning just how difficult it is to lose weight and over the last couple of weeks I’ve really had to think long and hard about what’s important to me. Seeing my family and friends is important but so is getting to a place where I’m comfortable in my own skin and so the challenge is clearly about finding a way of balancing the two. Most people in my life have been really supportive of my weight loss goals but I can’t rely on other people to get me to where I want to be. If I’m going to see my family and friends and we decide to eat out, I need to stay on plan if I have any chance of getting this next stone off (I’ll worry about the last stone when I need to). Eating out would previously involve ordering a starter, main and dessert and then finishing off everyone else’s leftovers too. Standard right? No seriously, who leaves chips?


In order for the changes I have made to become a lifestyle routine though, I need to remind myself what this process is all about. Eating out and eating crap has been nothing more than a habit and if I can give up Diet Coke after years of necking the stuff then I can sure as hell give up ordering a side of chips with everything. Not once since starting this process have I had anything to eat ‘off plan’ and really enjoyed it. Okay so a serving of guilt never tastes good but actually, eating clean for a few weeks has quite simply made processed food taste pretty rank. I’m realising that this is about breaking habits in a bigger way than I could have ever anticipated. Fortunately, when we need a little help from our friends, it’s there. I’ve had people joining me at 7am body blast, friends accommodating my clean diet and offering to cook instead of order a takeaway and suggestions of going for a long walk instead of going out for lunch. As I said though, the changes need to come from me but it’s always good when those around you are on board too.


4 weeks on Saturday I’m off to Marbs for my friends hen do. I’m far more confident in myself than I was a few months ago but the clock is ticking to shift the next stone so work colleagues, if you see me hovering over the tuck shop staring longingly at the chocolate bars, pull me back to my desk. Perhaps keep emergency nuts in your drawer for me!? Family and friends, keep doing what you’re doing (mum, maybe you could refuse to serve me Yorkshire puddings because you know I can’t have just three). Reaching my goal really is important to me and hopefully, with time, I’ll break old habits and stop letting food dictate my experience of socialising. And dating for that matter but more about that next time 😉

2 thoughts on “Finding Balance…

  1. 😊 I never tire of reading your posts. Your progress motivates others around you too! I’m six weeks Diet Coke free today after seeing the difference it can make! Thank you!! X

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