Just Keep Going!

When you see yourself day in day out, you can become a bit complacent when it comes to recognising progress. I know I’m heading in the right direction but I don’t think I realised just how much I’ve changed over the last couple of months until I was browsing through my photos this morning in search of a bit of motivation. It wasn’t long ago that I lost my tattoo to fat rolls and had to find a different way of tying my shoelaces because bending forward was restricted by my gut. Yes, really! But when I saw some photos from a few months ago, it hit home just how much I’ve changed.


I never want to go back to that grim place where week nights were defined by takeaways and bags of chocolate. Okay so those nights have their place but I really don’t miss eating my emotions and eating through boredom. I never did find the ‘answer’ at the bottom of a bag of crisps! Tonight was spent at Body Blast and my legs are already feeling it. It was freezing cold and the wind was bitter but like always, a few squats and lunges and you’re pretty warm.


So what’s the message in tonight’s impromptu post? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Little changes soon make big changes and if you can keep it up, you really will see the benefits. I’ve loved hearing back from people about how they’re doing on their own exercise/ diet journey and always enjoy receiving people’s feedback about my blog posts. It certainly keeps me feeling motivated and it’s so good to hear that I can sometimes motivate others by sharing my stories too. Just keep going!


5 thoughts on “Just Keep Going!

  1. This is where I was at last year, and I had a triple roll over and was in denial that I had gone up yet another dress size to be the biggest I had ever been. I was miserable, nothing fitted, it felt like I had been trapped in some strangers body and I felt sick when I looked in the mirror. I joined a weight loss place and have lost 2 stone and have started to feel like me again, and I have a similar back shot and that is the one that helps bring it home! Don’t be hard on yourself when you have bad days though. This is a lifestyle change and not just a diet and life happens so you just get up the next day and move on. xx


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