Excuses Excuses!

This time 2 months ago, I had my first session with Rog. I lost a stone in the first 4 weeks by focusing on eating healthily and exercising regularly and I felt amazing for it. I could zip up my winter coat that didn’t previously fit, my legs were looking smoother for ditching the Diet Coke and the compliments were coming in thick and fast. I have only lost a couple of pounds since Christmas though and have therefore felt at a bit of a ‘standstill’. I’ve been panicking over the last couple of weeks, worrying that on the weight front, this is me for life now (despite having been much smaller in previous years). That said, my legs are still smoother and I’m still feeling confident but…But. That’s just the problem, I have felt that there has been a but!


I’ve just spent another weekend in Edinburgh with my friend, celebrating her birthday. It feels a bit of a case of de ja vu because it was only this time 3 months ago that I was sat on the train home from Edinburgh writing a post for my blog. Perhaps I need to visit my friend more often because I always seem to feel reflective after a weekend with her. She has lost nearly 4 stone in weight now and looks incredible for it but I found myself wondering why I haven’t been as successful as her on the weight front. It was thinking about this question that gave me my ‘lightbulb’ moment on the journey home. My weight loss hasn’t come to a standstill because my body simply refuses to lose weight, it’s because I’ve been making a few too many excuses.


Without a doubt, I have completely changed my eating habits and I am no longer finding myself down the chocolate isle whenever I’ve had a bad day. Not that I needed to have had a bad day to justify eating a sharing bar of chocolate, a family sized bag of crisps and then some giant buttons for good measure. That said, since returning from New York I haven’t been as strict as I was during the month I lost my first stone. People have different ideas about ‘what works’ when it comes to eating but what I am learning is that to lose weight and to do so consistently, I can’t keep scoffing the odd chocolate or bag of crisps at work if I’m going to tackle this next stone. I have been convincing myself that these ‘little treats’ won’t matter because of how good my main meals are and how much I’m exercising but they’re clearly adding up and stopping me from reaching my next goal so it’s time to pull my socks up.


The other thing I’ve realised is that comparing my success to someone else’s is like comparing a hare to a tortoise. Both are very different and each are unique in their own ways. And we know that they both completed the race so who got their first is really irrelevant! It’s time to stop convincing myself that I deserve to lose weight because I have been to running club or because I ate something healthy for breakfast. This next stone will only come off by consistently eating healthily and pushing myself hard when I’m exercising. Am I ready for it? Yeah, I am. If, like me, you feel you’ve hit a bit of a standstill, be honest with yourself. Unfortunately wishing yourself lean and strong just doesn’t cut it! And if you’re reading this Rog, yes consistency is key and yes, you said all of this weeks ago. Sometimes your advice clearly takes a while to process and sink in!


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