Introducing RUNANCING!

Last week was ‘blast from the past’ week on Facebook, where everyone shared a photo from their younger years. I’m not sure what it was in aid of or who started it but nonetheless, I shared a photo of me in my ‘ginger hair and chubby legs’ days. No, not that one of me last weekend, but a photo of me when I was two or three. Nice to see I’ve changed :-/ Coincidentally, I came across a few things from the past whilst doing a bit of tidying away yesterday. I was putting my birthday cards away and found some old photos in my memory box. It got me thinking…

I remember feeling fat on this night! FAT!

As many of you following my blog will know, I asked Rog from Footmark to get me ‘back’ to where I was before I piled on the weight & gained chub rub a mermaid would be jealous of. He had a really valuable point though when he told me we were moving forwards and not backwards but that concept has only really started to sink in recently. I have spent so long dwelling on things that ‘have been’ when I should have been focusing on what lies ahead. Okay, so I will always regret wasting so much time comparing myself to other people and wishing I didn’t have thighs to rival a (male) rugby players but surely all that matters is that I move forward embracing who I am now? Well that I am. It’s liberating and I can’t recommend it enough!


So what plans do I have for the near future? Well the first stone is off so I’m now onto conquering my second. It seems harder to shift than the first but Rog has notched my training and eating plan up a gear. Actually make that 3 gears. ‘Relentless’ he called this phase (or something resembling pain and no chocolate). I had to really push myself to get out tonight. In fact, today has been pretty tough on the temptation front too. My friend took me to a gorgeous farm shop local to her in Huddersfield and they had a cake selection to die for. No, seriously. Well I would have been dead had Rog of caught me with one of those home made pieces of rocky road anyway. Managing to resist all that was on offer I settled for a ham salad and despite the rain and feeling tired, I also got out for a run. I decided after a lonely run last week, I would take my headphones out with me tonight. This is where I introduce you all to RUNANCING…

It’s a combination of running and dancing and I bloody loved it. I just couldn’t help but glide around the streets of Doncaster listening to my playlist. Forget Miley Cyrus on her wrecking ball, I was swirling round those lamp posts like Mary Poppins on acid. I leap frogged over a few bollards, twirled around at a few pedestrian crossings and the best thing?! I hit EIGHT personal bests I was enjoying myself that much. Maybe a little too much though…I got home to realise that in all of my dancing and prancing, my top had ridden up over my running waist pack and had lodged itself under my boobs, revealing to anyone passing by my pale white podge of a gut. Think Rebel Wilson and you have the idea. Anyway wardrobe malfunction aside, it has sparked a fire within and I can’t wait to get out on the next run.

Actress Rebel Wilson walks on stage to join her co-stars from "Pitch Perfect 2" as they present an award at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles
Rebel Wilson

Today’s thoughts? I feel very excited about what lies ahead. What’s in the past can’t be changed but I feel really happy and content at the minute, exactly as I am and doing exactly what I am. Also, RUNANCING is the future and I’m copyrighting the shit out of that. Until next time! X

7 thoughts on “Introducing RUNANCING!

  1. You made me smile tonight, especially after coming home from my uninspiring gym dressage. Love seeing you so full of joy: that’s what you’re really doing, deciding to be happy yourself, not hoping that Mr Cadbury will do it for you. Xxx

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