Leather Skirt Update!

Sometimes, when I’m confessing all in my blog, I forget that people actually read my posts. So with that said, I shouldn’t have been surprised when Rog pulled me up on the amount of times I had been stepping on the scales. Busted! Last week after I got weighed, I was made to hand them over. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy. Days after, I found myself feeling a little bit lost. I felt like I needed to know what I weighed in order to confirm how well I was doing. Rog told me to trust him and start focusing on what I felt like, rather than what I weighed. What a difference ditching the scales has made! Gone are the morning, noon and night weigh-ins. I’m now getting weighed once a week and handing them over once I’m done. It really does feel liberating!


In my last post I mentioned that I was ‘stuck’ at a certain weight, yet I seemed more concerned by a number than the fact that was I feeling better in myself and also receiving lots of compliments on my weight loss too. I couldn’t get my head around it. I think I’ve been so focused on losing the 3 stone I’ve gained that I’ve measured my progress with numbers rather than how I feel and what I’ve achieved along the way. Seems daft right?


I’m now 1 stone down since starting with Rog but numbers aside, I’m feeling great in myself. I can definitely tell I’ve lost weight but I also feel so much more confident. There was only one thing for it! I had to see where I was on the leather skirt front. I was amazed when not only did it go past my arse, it actually zipped up too! Okay so it’s not quite ready for the outdoors yet but it isn’t too far off.


There isn’t a number that can measure how I felt that morning so the scales have gone back to Rog and they can stay there as long as they need to. We are more than a number! Time to stop defining ourselves by them.


One thought on “Leather Skirt Update!

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