Another train journey and another opportunity for reflection…

With all the excitement that has come from starting to lose weight, I have perhaps jumped on the scales a few too many times this week. I appear ‘stuck’ at a certain number but the good news is, I’m now in the 12’s as opposed to the 13’s. That’s a weight category I never want to see again! At risk of becoming obsessed with the scales, this morning I decided to dig out my bikini and take a photo. I’ve been on and off the ‘diet’ wagon for so long, I know that numbers on the scales aren’t always the best indication of success so I thought I would throw on my bikini to see if I could see a difference since I was last in it on holiday. I’m pretty pleased given that the turnaround has only really happened over the last three weeks. I have a long way to go but little boosts like this are definitely keeping me on track.


I think my legs are starting to slim down and I can certainly see a reduction in cellulite. Ditching the Diet Coke is the best thing I could have done for my skin and I’m not feeling at all bloated now either. I can also see a waist appearing and I’m feeling it in my jeans too. I’m now having to do lunges when walking to give them a good pull up (probably not ready to buy a smaller size just yet).

I’ve said this before and it’s something we hear too often but isn’t it crazy how long it takes to start shifting the chub compared to how easy it is to pile it on?! I think that’s what has set me back in the past. I’ve eaten healthy for a few days, expecting to see big changes and then binged when I haven’t lost the stone I wanted to in a week :-/ I really feel like I’m making lifestyle changes this time round. Evenings are spent having fun exercising (yes, really) or relaxing because I’m physically in need of a night off. I’m enjoying it and I think that’s why I feel positive about keeping on track this time.

imageNext week I’m aiming to drink more water and make better choices with snacks. I feel like a woman on a mission but what I don’t want to lose sight of is how far I’ve come mentally. I feel so much more confident and I think it shows. It’s amazing what holding yourself tall and wearing a smile can do for you!


2 thoughts on “Another train journey and another opportunity for reflection…

  1. Sally I seriously wish I had your motivation. My lifestyle change started last week and I do not own a set of scales so I’m hoping it will show in inches rather than weight loss. If I want to be a mummy then I have to do this but God is it tough. Saying no to that hand full of chocolates if normally eat is proving to be so difficult. Good on ya Hun. Xx

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