Going strong!

After my chat with Roger last weekend I seem to be off to a good start on the healthy eating and exercise front. I’ve stuck to his plan all week; no slip ups. I’m feeling so much more positive and although I’m only a week in, things just feel different. Okay so I realise I’ve said that before but I mean it this time!! I’m focusing on something I want so much more than food and that’s to be confident in my own skin, once and for all.


I think what’s helping is having someone checking in with me on a daily basis. Living on your own, it’s so easy to eat crap and feel you’re getting away with it. It’s as though if no one sees you, the calories don’t count but you only need to look at the size of my arse to know that theory is nonsense! Over the last couple of years, whenever I picked up a takeaway, I would hide the pizza box or brown paper bag under my coat so my neighbours didn’t see me. Their front window overlooks my drive and I always felt embarrassed bringing takeaways home so I would throw a big coat over it and hope for the best. Looking back though, that was rather silly. Why did I ever think that a floating coat would look unsuspicious or that my massive arse wouldn’t be enough of a giveaway that I wasn’t eating salads?!

A typical weekend takeaway for the chubrub sufferer!

Weekends were always the worst for takeaways and I’m sure that’s the same for a few others but this Saturday, I have proven to myself you can be healthy and still enjoy good food. My friend Lauren was up visiting for the weekend and after Body Blast, we went to Leeds for the day. I had a flattened rump steak and swapped the fries for a house salad. Don’t get me wrong, that choice didn’t come naturally. Lauren had to help me pick out something but it was so tasty and it felt so good knowing I’d enjoyed a healthy meal and didn’t have to feel guilty for it.


When we got home, Lauren helped me clear my wardrobe out. She pointed out that I seem to dress for two people; one who is slim and stylish and another who hides behind big, unflattering and baggy clothes. Unfortunately I’ve been doing the latter for far too long now. I’ve been so uncomfortable with my weight I haven’t felt like making an effort with that I wear. I know this hasn’t done anything for my confidence but I’m working on that. I’ve bagged up 7 bin liners full of clothes and I’ve put my ‘big clothes’ in a separate wardrobe. I can’t wait to be able to get out of those and into the clothes that I want to start wearing again.

What a weekend for my friend hey!? A few hours on the train and I drag her to body blast at 7.30am, have her sit and go through all my clothes on a Saturday night and then treat her to a total 0% Greek yoghurt for her help! You know what? We had such a laugh and weekends don’t always have to be about alcohol and hangovers. Okay they have their place but we’ve pencilled in another date for that and hopefully I’ll be in that leather pencil skirt and not one of the black bin liners! Here’s hoping for another good week…

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