It ain’t over!

If you read my last post, it will come as no surprise that I had a gain at Slimming World tonight. That said, the damage wasn’t as bad as what I was expecting. I put on 2lbs which is better than the 2 stone I thought it would be after the mammoth feast last week.


After rounding the week off with a Chinese, I still managed to drag my arse out of bed and get to body blast on Saturday morning. I felt so sick when I started. Not only were the chicken balls and salt and pepper chips whizzing round my stomach like a washing machine but it was as though I could feel the entire weeks content of food clinging to my sides. I felt unfit, unhealthy and ready to puke. Despite trying to keep my head down, the instructor, Rog (the same guy who has the running group), clearly knew something was up. I swear that man has a sixth sense! Whilst having a hot drink after the session he didn’t need to say much before tears were rolling down my cheeks. They weren’t in a rush to leave either let me tell you. I think I reached a point where I had just had enough. I couldn’t understand why I was eating like I was and I didn’t know how to move forward.

Sometimes in life, when we feel like throwing the towel in and giving up, we are offered one last chance. Rog was my life line that morning. He could have let me go off home after the session and who knows what I would be blogging about tonight (probably the Domino’s I would have scoffed) but he sat me down and told me we would do this together. A few people have commented that there is something about this man that makes you want to try and I think it boils down to the fact that he genuinely cares. He was fed up because I was.


Rog and I have since met and devised a plan. It certainly won’t be easy and will require hard work and commitment but I know I can do it. I HAVE to. He’s coming here every Monday morning at 7am for a personal training session and will be monitoring my food intake closely. The idea is if I can see a difference in my weight I’ll be motivated to carry on and get myself fit, lean and strong. As Rog pointed out, it’s possible that I’ve tried everything but the obvious. You want to lose weight so you eat well right? Apparently not in my case. I have tried shakes, diet pills, surgery, change of career, change of house and everything in between to ‘fix’ things but I haven’t committed to pain old eating well.

It’s my birthday in 4 weeks and I have an opportunity to do what I set out to do last year when I turned 30. Get body confident. So here goes. I really do have a good feeling about things and hope that the photos you’ll be seeing from now on will be weight loss pics and not photos of pizzas and kebabs!


4 thoughts on “It ain’t over!

  1. You do make me smile at you diary Sal 😀 It’s brilliant, hope you can put it together in a book at the end because I would be your first customer and share copies with my girlfriends. We all struggle with the demon munchies but you help us understand them a lot better and give us the motivation to do something about them, Thankyou. You have to include your story you told Laura and me tonight though 😂 Xx

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