Confessional Sunday…

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago called ‘In search of motivation’, where I talked about having tried on my leather skirt but decided against sharing the ‘progress’ photo (if we can refer to it as progress) because of how bad it was. Today, I have decided to share that photo. I warned you it wasn’t pretty but as I promised you honesty in all of its forms, here is the photo…


I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing. When I bought this skirt, it just about fit. It was maybe an inch too tight on my legs but I was confident that I would get into it. That was nearly 2 years ago now. I think it’s safe to say that my beloved leather skirt isn’t going to be worn anytime soon but as I said, I’ll keep trying it on in the hope that it won’t be another 2 years before I’m wearing it comfortably, and on my waist instead of above my knees.

My brother, who has been really supportive of my blog, text me the other day and asked how much weight I had lost since starting Chub Rub Diaries. For a reason unbeknown to myself, I told him half a stone. That was another lie. Sorry Rich. It’s actually 4 lbs. In my head it was half a stone because if I lost another 3 lbs it would be!!!! I know. There are no words. I don’t know why we do this and I say ‘we’ because if I’m going to look a tit I’m bringing you down with me. Why do we define progress by weight loss and why can’t we be proud of the loss we have achieved? I can’t be the only one who rounds the number up surely.


I’ve lost as much as a stone in 10 days before and didn’t everyone know about it! I may not have shared that I shit myself in the process but I let everyone know how amazing I had done and how this magical shake was the future. I didn’t keep the weight off though, not that you can’t see that for yourself, but I keep having to remind myself that reaching my goal is so much more than about numbers on the scale. I think the phrase I will be adopting from here on out is ‘steady pace wins the race’. If I can keep losing it at a pound or two a week, as I have in the last three weeks, I’ll lose it AND keep it off. I know that losing weight is often far easier than keeping it off so I need to be more patient with myself and more honest along the way too. Here’s to my 4 lbs!


4 thoughts on “Confessional Sunday…

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. 4lb is good. Imagine how bad you would feel if you had put 4lb on..
    Do you know this little rhyme
    Half a pound is nothing
    Half a pound is great
    Imagine half a pound of fat
    Sitting upon your plate

    Keep going Sally xx

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  2. 4Ib is great Sally!!! Your blog has made me look at my dieting in a different way and although I need to shed around 3 stone getting my head around my eating habits is more important and learning how to maintain my weight after having a ‘busy weekend’ instead of putting 4Ibs on is my goal, and if some weeks I lose that’s a bonus! Keep up the good work Sally xx

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  3. I really enjoy reading your blog too! 4lbs is still a good amount of weight to lose. Hold 4lbs of potatoes in your hands and feel proud. It’s probably best not to think about all of the weight you would like to lose but to set your new goal as 4 more pounds.
    On Sunday mornings, I love to watch “One year to save my life”. It’s amazing what those people achieve and they obviously have a lot more weight to lose. You look great. It’s a case of “when” not “if” you will next wear that leather skirt.
    Breakfast – I would still recommend porridge, especially the Quaker Oats Apple and Blueberry (quick and easy to make).

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