Food on the brain!

Okay so I got the heavy stuff out of the way in my last post (for now anyway) but I’m sure a few of you must have been thinking ‘yeah yeah, that’s great, but how did she do it?!’ How did my friend lose the weight? Don’t worry, I did ask her but the answer wasn’t what I was expecting. Her reply was; ‘I stopped thinking about food’.

Over the years, I’ve paid hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on diet plans, shakes, weight loss pills, gym memberships and personal trainers. Gulp. Nothing has ever worked in keeping the weight off and I came to the conclusion that it was because I was simply obsessed with food. Some people have what I think is referred to as a ‘spider sense’; that feeling of a spider being close even if they can’t actually see the eight-legged freak. I have something similar to this. We shall call it the ‘anything edible sense’. I can sense the presence of food even when I can’t see it and I also seem to have an innate skill of knowing that food is close, even when it’s concealed. Work is the worst place for this. I know if there is a box of Celebrations that need devouring from a good 100 yards away.


I’ve always loved eating and I’ve read a lot about how our relationship with food starts from a young age. My mum told me that when I was about 12/13 months old, my dad came home from work late one night with an Indian takeaway and I woke up, sniffed it out and cried until I was brought downstairs for a share of the good stuff. Perhaps I was always doomed. Imagine when I’m actually faced with a menu in a restaurant and I’m expected to make a healthy choice?! I could have the garden salad with a side of more garden salad, or I could pick the handmade juicy beef burger with fat triple fried tasty chips and a mouthwatering coleslaw to dunk the buggers into. There is no wonder that this journey is a hard one!

So when my friend told me the secret was to stop thinking about food, I think my first thought was ‘great, that’s me suffering with chub rub for an eternity’. Through talking to her though, what she actually changed in order to lose over 3 stone was something we have both been guilty of for far too long. She stopped putting pressure on herself. She allowed herself to have a few ‘treats’ and didn’t beat herself up for going out and having that burger once in a while. She found that once she took the pressure off, she was more in control. Imagine that! It certainly isn’t something that has come easy and rethinking our relationship with food undoubtedly takes practice but since she has been in a good place with food, she has also started to feel a lot happier in other aspects of her life. Now if that’s not food for thought, I don’t know what is!


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