To my gorgeous friends, this one is for you…

I’m currently sat on the train on my way home from Edinburgh after spending the weekend there with two of my friends and I thought I would use the down time as an opportunity to reflect on a few things. In my last post I spoke about how celebrations can be ruined by feeling uncomfortable with the way you look. It’s that awful feeling you get when you’re planning a trip away or a night out but know you won’t feel comfortable in your outfit because of your size/ weight. This has happened to me more times than I care to remember. I’ve been excited about the event but have always worried about what I would wear, how I would feel in it and whether I would feel ‘enough’ amongst my gorgeous, slim friends. Again, I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has experienced this.

The friend I went up to meet has also had her fair share of battles with food and body image and I know, like me, she has experienced feeling uncomfortable on nights out because of her appearance. After turning a corner, she has just about lost the weight she wanted to and is now enjoying a healthier relationship with food. She also told me that she is feeling fitter than ever before (then proceeded to flex her newly acquired guns). I have never looked at my friend and thought anything negative about her appearance. I have always seen a person who is beautiful, inside and out. I see someone who is motivated, intelligent, funny, caring and thoughtful. What I did notice however, was that despite the weigh loss, she still couldn’t take a damn compliment! This whole concept is interesting to me, hence why I wanted to write a post about it.

What if we took the compliment? What are we missing out on by worrying so much about the way we look? What difference would it make to our lives if we could forget our body hang-ups and live in the moment? It would sure as hell prevent me from getting stomach ache from sucking my gut in on a night out, that’s for sure!


People have commented that it’s shallow to be so concerned with appearance and my response to that is simple. F you. It’s anything but shallow or superficial however it is sad. It’s sad that we can’t see in ourselves what other people see in us and it’s also sad that we can worry about something so much that it eats away (pardon the pun) into times which should be spent having fun. I’ve always believed that if something matters to someone, then it matters full stop. If something is causing you to feel unhappy, in any way, then it’s worth trying to work on that. This blog was always going to be about so much more than food and I want to add something to my list of goals. Before ‘ideal weight’ or ‘goal dress size’ I want for myself and my friends to be able to see that we are all gorgeous in our own ways. Hell I wouldn’t be friends with you if you weren’t! We are enough, exactly as we are.


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