In search of motivation…

Okay we’re just under the 8 week mark to Christmas so the countdown is on! The run up to Christmas is always packed with buffets, meals out and general temptation to eat but if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that there doesn’t need to be an ‘occasion’ for me to stuff my face. It’s been Christmas everyday in my house!

I’ve learnt through following a number of ‘diet’ plans that the scales aren’t always the most accurate way of measuring weight loss. That said, although it’s clear that I do need to lose stones and pounds, focussing on numbers alone isn’t always enough to keep that motivation alive. As Christmas is fast approaching I thought I would get creative and think of some other ways to motivate myself to shift the chub. No, the wobbly photos clearly aren’t enough.

It’s that time of year when you have to get your glad rags on and the worst feeling is not enjoying the celebrations because you are too down about the way you look. I’m certain we’ve all been there. My wardrobe is full of clothes but unfortunately, most of them still have the tags on and are too small to wear. Over the last couple of years I have bought things ‘to fit into’. Why we do this I don’t know because it just means that I have loads of nice things hanging up that I can’t wear. I have pulled a few of my favourite bits out and will use them to monitor progress.


At the minute none of them fit and I did take a photo of me trying on the leather skirt but I feel this is, even by my standards, the wrong place to be posting that photo. Let’s just say it didn’t make it past my knees. It wasn’t pretty. I’ll keep trying these on every two or three weeks in the hope that each time I do, I’ll look less like sausage meat being stuffed into its casing. Pigs in blankets are festive though right?

Another idea I had was to keep note of my body fat percentage, especially now I’m getting into a routine with exercise. I’m not sure that this was one of my greatest ideas but I ordered some fat callipers from eBay. I could pinch more than an inch let me tell you! This, alongside with taking measurements, might be a good way of keeping track and helping me to get nearer my goal. I don’t want to start becoming obsessed with my weight in a different way to what I have been but I’m hoping that setting smaller goals might help with keeping things on track.

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