You are not invisible in your car…

Another trip to Slimming World tonight and since joining in July this year, I am officially back at my starting weight. Now in case you haven’t read my earlier posts, this is a good thing! Not to many I’m sure but having gained weight most weeks since starting, to be back on an even keel is something to celebrate. Okay, I’m clearly clutching at straws here but best to seek out the positives in a situation hey!

These last few days, I’ve had to remind myself what my eating habits were like over the last two years. When things were at their worst, I would eat several takeaways a week and chocolate by the bucket load. Not good at all but it’s easy to forget the positive changes you’ve made and focus on what is yet to be done. In my last post, I said I would share one of the more embarrassing habits I had. Introducing Tunnock’s tea cakes…


These look pretty innocent don’t they?! No. Do NOT be fooled. They, along with Curly Wurly’s, are not our friend. For about 18 months, I would eat a whole packet of these in a morning, one right after the other. We all have our unique ways of eating certain foods and for me, these were consumed by biting off the top, licking the marshmallow from the centre & then shoving the biscuit base in my mouth. Gone in three easy steps. If that isn’t embarrassing enough though, picture the following scene. I’m in my car, radio on, bopping away whilst in standstill traffic. Sat beside me is my daily passenger; a box of Tunnock’s tea cakes. I start unwrapping one after the other, eating them in a trance like manner. My hypnotised state however, was disturbed by a burning pair of eyes on me. I glanced to the side to see a man staring in what I can only assume was complete horror. How many of these he had seen me wolf down I’m unsure, but his face suggested four, maybe five. If there was ever proof needed that we are not invisible when sat in our cars, this moment was it. That was the last day my passenger travelled with me. It wasn’t enough to kick the morning habit but from this point, it was confined to the safety of my home.

I, chub rub sufferer, am now four weeks Tunnock’s tea cake free. They still try to get my attention when I go to the shop but I keep my head down and walk on by. My weight is slow to come off but when I feel deflated and demotivated, I remind myself of habits like this that I have dropped and positive ones I have started adopting. Just a case of keeping up with the changes now.

4 thoughts on “You are not invisible in your car…

  1. this is hilarious….. This picture in my head of u with marshmallow round ur mouth n crumbs down ur top turing to the man, eyes widen in horror…… Just crackin me up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. I really enjoy reading your diary entries. I remember reading that Diet Coke can actually make you crave carbs. The problem with the tea cakes is that they come in packs of six. If you buy a pack, how can you be expected to resist eating them all in one sitting?
    Since I haven’t been well, I have had to have my shopping delivered. I think that this can help as you’re not constantly beng tempted by the offers as you walk down each aisle in the supermarket.
    You’re heading in the right direction and deserve a pat on the back.

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