It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it…

I hadn’t intended on posting anything tonight but I felt I needed to whilst it was fresh in my mind. Since Monday, I have made some really good choices, particularly around food. Take today for example. A work colleague was leaving so everyone had lunch from the fish and chip shop. Not me! I got a ham salad and sat there amongst my work pals feeling very proud of my choice (and slightly smug if I’m being completely honest). I think tonight’s test however, was just too much for someone starting out on their journey to a healthier lifestyle…


The sight of this instantly made me question everything. Did I really care about losing weight? What difference would one little dirty kebab make? Could I just have it and start a fresh on Monday? I think my friend must have read my mind whilst I was staring longingly at the rotating stick of doom because she pulled me out of the door, looked me straight in the eye and said “go to bed and get a healthy breakfast in the morning”. That is where her support ended however (see below).


I am now in bed, stomach grumbling with hunger. It doesn’t feel like a victory just yet but perhaps it will in the morning. Right now I wish I was snuggling up to the kebab. It’s been my friend for the last two years and we know each other just too well. Lesson learnt though, don’t allow yourself to go hungry. I am smart enough to know that it won’t help me to lose weight and I also know it makes situations like tonight hard. People do not make responsible decisions hungry.

2 thoughts on “It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it…

    1. It will be worth it and the thought processes you allude to, I’m sure will resonate with many! Good luck and keep walking away from the doner….

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